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We are now offering subsidized wreck dives to all members!!

Now, you get more for your yearly membership.. WAY more!

Usually a wreck dive is around $100+tip for a double boat dive on a wreck in Lake Michigan.  Starting with the 2013 season, we will be arranging heavily discounted wreck trips to all active members!  Typically, the subsidy will be around $50 per person.  Let's make diving the awesome wrecks on our doorstep more accessible to all!!

In addition to the new subsidized wreck trips, your membership also includes the following great features:

  • Access to a great selection of rental gear at very low prices (including brand new top-of-the-range Diverite XT2 regs and nitrox computers for advanced divers).
  • Advanced diving courses from AOW through to Divemaster and specialies including Wreck, Ice, Deep, Nitrox, etc.
  • Fun social events, local dive trips and even the occasional tropical dive trip to the Bahamas!
  • A chance to meet local dive buddies to dive with!

Membership fees are due on the anniversary of your original sign-up date.  Please click the sign-up link (Hoofer 'W' logo in the top right) to renew your membership.  If you're new to the club, please contact the Outdoor Programs Office for further details.

About the Hoofer SCUBA Club

Want to learn more about Hoofer SCUBA?
Go to About the Club & FAQs to find out more about Hoofer SCUBA, who can join & how to join, what types of trips we go on, and more.
 Been a while since your last dive?
Never fear! Hoofer SCUBA is here. If you are a previously certified diver, we can get you into the water in no time. We offer refresher courses, as well as plenty of local dive trips to get you back into the swim of things. Contact us for more details.


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