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We are now offering subsidized wreck dives to all members!!

Now, you get more for your yearly membership.. WAY more!

Usually a wreck dive is around $100+tip for a double boat dive on a wreck in Lake Michigan.  Starting with the 2013 season, we will be arranging heavily discounted wreck trips to all active members!  Typically, the subsidy will be around $50 per person.  Let's make diving the awesome wrecks on our doorstep more accessible to all!!

In addition to the new subsidized wreck trips, your membership also includes the following great features:

  • Access to a great selection of rental gear at very low prices (including brand new top-of-the-range Diverite XT2 regs and nitrox computers for advanced divers).
  • Advanced diving courses from AOW through to Divemaster and specialies including Wreck, Ice, Deep, Nitrox, etc.
  • Fun social events, local dive trips and even the occasional tropical dive trip to the Bahamas!
  • A chance to meet local dive buddies to dive with!

Membership fees are due on the anniversary of your original sign-up date.  Please click the sign-up link (Hoofer 'W' logo in the top right) to renew your membership.  If you're new to the club, please contact the Outdoor Programs Office for further details.

Open Water Class

Imagine yourself gliding weightless through the water, surrounded by darting schools of fish, swimming past sunken wrecks lit by blue-green shafts of sunlight, and meeting face-to-face with strange creatures seldom seen by those who don't dare to venture below the surface. Interested? Excited? The Hoofers SCUBA Club Open Water Certification program will open this underwater world to you. If you successfully complete this class, you will earn a lifetime PADI Open Water Diver rating (recognized at dive shops world wide), and be well prepared to begin exploring an underwater world that most people will never see!


Course Overview

The Spring Hoofer Open Water SCUBA certification course consists of a self-paced eLearning web classroom where you will learn about diving physiology and safety and the equipment and skills needed by every diver.  This is followed by three indoor swimming pool sessions where you are able to apply your new knowledge in a controlled environment, and two days of open water dives where you will put your training to the test while under the direct supervision of the instructor and divemasters.  Once you complete the training you’ll be a fully certified PADI Open Water diver and ready to take on the underwater world!!
Course Fee
The all-inclusive $325 course fee includes your lifetime PADI Open Water certification, a one-year annual membership in the Hoofers SCUBA club (valued at $40/yr and includes heavily discounted gear rentals once certified), pool sessions, and open water checkout dives, professional instruction by PADI instructors, all course materials including access to eLearning, dive log and training record, and all SCUBA equipment and tanks needed for the course. The fee is paid to the Hoofers Scuba Club via the Outdoor UW Service Desk at the Memorial Union when you sign up for the course.  There are no additional hidden fees or costs, and our courses include all education and dives required to become a PADI certified diver.
Prerequisites and Enrollment Conditions

You must attend all classroom, pool, and open water checkout sessions to become certified.  No make-up sessions can be offered.  If during the course under special circumstances you find you cannot attend one of the dates, please let us know ASAP so we can make alternative arrangements.
It is essential that course participants have strong basic swimming skills and be comfortable in the water.  PADI requirements include a basic swim test and tread-water test.  If you do not pass the swim test we can only offer partial refunds of course fees.  See below for more details.
eLearning must be completed according to the schedule directed by your instructor.  The first three modules must be completed prior to the start of the pool training, and all modules must be completed prior to the open water dives.
Course Refunds

Once the course has commenced, we do not offer any refunds past the first pool session, e.g. if you decide that you can't make one of the dates!  If you decide after the first pool session that SCUBA is not for you, then we can offer you a partial refund of the course cost less the cost of materials, and a pro-rated fee for the portion of the class that you attended.  
For safety, individuals not able to satisfactorily perform all required skills in the pool will not be permitted to participate in the open water training.  Our instructors will make every effort to assist you in becoming a certified diver, but certification is not guaranteed.

Orientation will take place at the Memorial Union (exact room TBA).  All pool sessions will take place at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel at 3841 E Washington Ave.  The hotel is easily accessible by bus (Line 6), or by carpool if arranged with other students in the class.  Location for the checkout open water dives in May TBA.

Participants must be a University of Wisconsin-Madison student, faculty/staff, or Wisconsin Union member. Union membership is open to everyone. Call 608-262-2263
or visit to sign up for Union Membership.
Dates for Spring 2015 Class

Tuesday, Sept 15 (6:30 pm - 8:30 pm): Orientation
Thursday, Sept 17 (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm): Pool Session
Thursday, Sept 24 (6:30 pm - 9:30 pm): Pool Session
Saturday & Sunday, Sept 26-27 (8 am - 5 pm): Open Water Training

Registration deadline is 5 pm on Sunday, Sept 6. This is to ensure we have the appropriate materials and equipment for all students.

As such...

How to Register

Space is limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment!!  At this price, we expect the course to fill quickly.  Sign-up is available now via the Hoofers Outdoor UW Service Desk (visit the office in Memorial Union on the Lakefront Monday - Friday from 12-6 pm, or call 608-262-1630
to sign up).
Questions?  Contact us any time at:

What: PADI SCUBA Open Water Certification Class
Who: Anybody new to diving & excited for adventure!
When: Thursday evenings in April (9, 16, 23, 30), 6:30 - 9:30 pm; first weekend in May (2-3)
Where: Memorial Union (for orientation; Room TBA) & Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel at 3841 E Washington Ave (all pool sessions; easily accessible from the 6 bus line or by carpool with other students)

Cost: $325 for FULL lifetime PADI Open Water certification!  NO HIDDEN COSTS!

Sign up TODAY by calling the Outdoor Program Office at 608-262-1630
or online at:

Visit our Facebook event page and invite your friends, and be sure to like Hoofer SCUBA for regular updates on our upcoming events!

About the Hoofer SCUBA Club

Want to learn more about Hoofer SCUBA?
Go to About the Club & FAQs to find out more about Hoofer SCUBA, who can join & how to join, what types of trips we go on, and more.
 Been a while since your last dive?
Never fear! Hoofer SCUBA is here. If you are a previously certified diver, we can get you into the water in no time. We offer refresher courses, as well as plenty of local dive trips to get you back into the swim of things. Contact us for more details.


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